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Version: Next Gen

What is Device360

Device360 empowers security experts and novices alike with deep visibility into common security vulnerabilities and misconfigurations within your device inventory. Go beyond simple device posture configurations to identify risks on devices using a flexible library of managed threat hunting queries, or define your own to respond to emerging threats within the scope of your unique environment.

You can also use Beyond Identity's Policy engine to customize access decisions based on attributes such as user, device, and event (coming soon). Use policy simulation to validate and test the policies that will allow or restrict access to devices and apps before pushing them out to your fleet. Enforce device requirements to create granular access controls, ensuring devices are secure on every login and stay secure for the duration of the session.

See it in action:

Quickstart checklist

Review the following steps for the fastest way to get started using Device360.

  1. Install the authenticator on devices in your organization and enroll the devices to begin collecting data.


    Secure Workforce customers that have the latest authenticator installed can simply add a code to their authenticator to enroll their device. For more information, see Secure Workforce customer enrollment.

  2. Analyze devices to view details about enrollment status, misconfigurations, etc.

  3. Run queries on devices to find misconfigurations that can lead to vulnerabilities.

  4. Simulate policy rules to see how different rules would affect your users' ability to access secure systems to help you get confident with heightened security posture BEFORE you apply it.