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Version: Next Gen

Endpoint Release Notes


Device360 empowers security experts and novices alike with deep visibility into common security vulnerabilities and misconfigurations within your device inventory. Go beyond simple device posture configurations to identify risks on devices using a flexible library of managed threat hunting queries, or define your own to respond to emerging threats within the scope of your unique environment.

To start using Device360, see Device360 Getting Started.

Authenticator installation

Device360 supports Windows and macOS currently. Click here to view supported platforms and install the authenticator.

Known issue

When deleting a device from the Device360 console, you must also remove the credential from the authenticator. To manually delete a credential in the authenticator:

  1. Open the Beyond Identity Authenticator UI on the device.
  2. On the Device Data Collection menu, click Stop Collecting from the drop-down which will delete the credential.

Secure Workforce Next Generation

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