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Policy Simulation

Use policy simulation to validate and test policies that will allow or restrict access to devices and apps before pushing them out to your fleet. This helps to ensure that deployments are successfully rolled out the first time without disruptions to users.

Create a policy and simulate results

  1. Click Policy under Tools.

  2. Click Add rules to your policy to open the Policy Editor page.

    Add rules

  3. Click Add rule.

    Policy page

  4. On the Add rule dialog, select Authentication as the transaction type under For any transaction.

    Add rule dialog

  5. Click Add attribute and select one or more attributes for this rule.

    Any userEnter the number or registered devices that will trigger this rule.
    Any device platformSelect the operating system platform that will trigger this rule.
    Any authenticator versionEnter the version of the Beyond Identity Authenticator installed on the device that will trigger this rule.
  6. Click whether to Allow or Deny this transaction based on the attributes in this rule.

    • Allow - Stops processing the rules if the criteria is met and will allow the transaction to complete.

    • Allow W/ OS Verification - Stops processing the rules if the criteria is met and will allow the  transaction to complete once the user verifies their identity using their operating system. 

    • Deny - Stop processing the rules. and will deny the transaction.

  7. Click Add rule at the bottom of this dialog to add this rule to the policy. Policy Editor

  8. Repeat steps 3-7 to add more rules to this policy.

  9. When finished adding rules, click Publish changes on the Policy Editor page. Publish changes on Policy Editor

  10. When prompted, confirm that you want to publish changes.

  11. When you are returned to the Policy page, click Simulate to see how the rules would impact devices in your organization.

View version history

From the Policy page, you can view or revert to previous policy versions. This is helpful if you test a new policy and realize it will block a number of users so you want to revert to the last valid version of the policy.

  1. On the Policy page, click View version history. View version history

  2. On the panel that pops out to the right, select a previous version of a policy. Policy version history

  3. Review the previous policy.

    Previous policy version

  4. To revert to this policy, click the publish this policy link in the blue banner message that displays at the top of the page.

  5. On the Policy Editor (restore version) page, click Restore Version. Restore version

  6. When prompted, confirm that you want to publish the previous version. Restore confirmation